Hein Noortman and Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience kick off fundraising campaign for development of visual prosthesis

Donate and give sight to the blind

Hein Noortman knows what it is like not to be able to see. An experienced climber, he lost his sight due to a tragic climbing accident, when he fell from a height of 15 metres, breaking almost every bone in his body. Against all odds, he survived the fall. After spending five weeks in a coma, he finally awoke, unable to see anything.

But Hein refused to give up. He embarked on a journey to relearn everything, from swallowing, to walking, talking and moving. His body recovered, for the most part, except for his sight.

Giving blind people the opportunity to see again: that is the ambition of Professor Pieter Roelfsema and the team at the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience. We are developing a brain implant in order to restore functional vision to blind people.

To facilitate this groundbreaking research, we need 6 million euros in funding. Will you help? Donate now and help give the blind their sight back!