Blackrock Microsystems Europe GmbH provides implantable electrode arrays, high-channel-count recording and stimulation systems, electronics, wireless solutions, and software. Its product range includes FDA- and CE-approved system-level electrophysiology tools for research and clinical markets, and is the leading industry partner for the design and testing of the multichannel stimulation equipment in NESTOR.

Brain Innovation

Brain Innovation B.V. develops scientific software in the field of human and animal brain imaging, neural network simulation, and computer-based experimental control. Its products, used in hundreds of labs internationally, include BrainVoyager, a cross-platform neuroimaging tool for fMRI, DTI, EEG, MEG and TMS neuronavigation, and Turbo-BrainVoyager, a program for real-time data analysis.

vicar vision_1

VicarVision develops sophisticated image processing software to automatically detect and analyse human behaviour using machine vision. Their products include the market-leading FaceReader for the analysis of emotions and facial expressions; the BodyReader for the detection of human poses; and other surveillance, object recognition, and behaviour analysis systems.


Elitac B.V. focuses on market applications of innovative tactile displays, harnessing haptic technology tools for waypoint navigation, non-auditory communication, and virtual touch, with high relevance to blind individuals. Elitac’s product range includes a modular suit for scientific research, and a navigation belt for tactical and covert operations.


Twente Medical System International B.V. provides high-precision multi-channel amplifiers, and data acquisition and communication solutions for the medical research community. It specializes in robustly designed equipment for electrophysiological recording in “hostile” environments, and is ideally positioned to develop novel recording instruments and software to monitor ongoing neuronal activity for the detection of abnormal epileptic activity.

ATLAS Neuroengineering develops implantable devices for neuronal recording and stimulation in scientific research and clinical applications, including the treatment of neurological disease. The company has extensive experience in the design, packaging, and assembly of silicon-based probes.

BlueMark uses its expertise on physical layer wireless communication to provide sophisticated tools for the wireless detection, location, and tracking of smart devices.

AEMICS provides smart electronic systems for communication and power transmission, with extensive experience in developing and building embedded systems, signal processing, and FPGA, PCB, and ASIC design.

Tiberion specializes in the development of microelectronics solutions, from discrete to fully integrated systems, with widespread market applications ranging from sensor readout, power conversion, and LED electronics, to actuator drives, solar power electronics, and analog techniques.

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